Development Partners International

Development Partners International

Development Partners International LLP (DPI) is the investment adviser to ADP I, a private equity fund that invests across Africa.

Our focus is on companies benefiting from the fast-growing emerging middle class. We work throughout Africa and see the benefits of investing in the fast-growing and newly liberalising countries in Africa.

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What’s in a Name?

At DPI we believe that investing in growing African companies accelerates the growth of the private sector in Africa, which in turn leads to sustainable economic development.   We believe that eradication of poverty can result from this process.

Our Team

DPI is largely staffed by investment professionals from various parts of Africa, matching the pan-African investment opportunity set is assesses.

With roughly 70 years of investing experience in Africa, our team has accumulated substantial expertise and its partners have strong track records in private equity.

The DPI partners and investment professionals are experienced in originating, structuring, executing, monitoring, growing and exiting African private equity investments. ADP I is an engaged investor working closely with its portfolio companies to create value and we keep our eyes on potential exits.

Thanks to our rich mix of complementary capabilities, regional “on the ground” knowledge and language skills, we are able to offer a detailed understanding of the operational and transactional issues of investing in the African continent.

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Our Approach

We are a process-led private equity firm. Our investment process combines rigorous analysis with comprehensive due diligence. We seek out compelling proprietary investment opportunities where we can obtain exclusive terms and rational pricing.

We remember that the fund’s initial investment is only the beginning of the process and we work extensively with the fund’s portfolio companies to create value. Finally, we keep our eyes on exit opportunities throughout the fund’s investment period and the partners have considerable experience exiting African companies.

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