Our History

Over a decade of investing in Africa

In 2007, our founders Miles Morland and Runa Alam had a vision to invest in the future of Africa, partnering with established businesses to create a positive and lasting impact across the continent – with excellence as their guiding principle.

Miles Morland and Runa Alam founded Development Partners International (DPI) in 2007, with a vision to build a leading pan-African investment firm serving global institutional investors interested in getting commercial returns in Africa. They wanted to back high-growth businesses to allow the people behind them to achieve their ambitions – all the while striving to leave a positive development impact. Miles and Runa realised that to achieve this, their focus would have to be on building an outstanding team, a strong positive value system and culture, and excellent processes and institutionalisation, along with developing the right investment strategy.

We have raised – and advise – top-quartile* commercial funds with a combined US$2 billion in funds under management. We focus on companies with the potential to evolve into market leaders. We work closely with them to implement the highest Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) standards, and deliver impact.

After more than 14 years of successfully executing our strategy across the continent, we are at the forefront of investment in Africa. Today, the combined experience of the DPI team in investing in private equity in Africa is more than 150 years.

* Both DPI’s ADP I and II Funds have been classified as top quartile by Cambridge Associates.
ADP I launched in November

DPI founded by Miles Morland and Runa Alam

ADP I invests in Q-Venture (Eaton Towers)

ADP I first close

ADP I final close

ADP I invests in Letshego

ADP I invests in OSEAD

ADP I invests in CAL Bank

ADP I invests in Touax Africa

ADP I invests in Food Concepts

ADP II launched in May

ADP I invests in Biopharm

ADP II first close

ADP II invests in UPM

ADP II invests in RTT

ADP II invests in HomeChoice

ADP I exits Mansard

ADP I exits Libstar

ADP II final close

ADP II invests in Eaton Towers

ADP II invests in Géneral Emballage

ADP II invests in B.TECH


ADP I exits CAL Bank

ADP II invests in EGIC

ADP II invests in Banque Atlantique

ADP II invests in MNT Investments

ADP II invests in CMGP

ADP II invests in Dolidol

ADP II invests in IFS

ADP III invests in Channel VAS

ADP II exit Eaton Towers

As part of its ADP III impact and ESG work, DPI develops it new management system, DPIMS, integrating impact work and ESG into its investment processes using the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals taxonomy

DPI starts work under its new DPIMS with increased innovation in its impact work

ADP III chosen as the first 2x Challenge Flagship fund by the OECD development finance institutions

ADP I exits Food Concepts

DPI's first investment integrating Impact considerations from the start of the investment process

ADP I exits Letshego

ADP II exits MNT-Halan

ADP II exits B.Tech

ADP III invests in Kazyon Ltd

ADP III invests in COFINA

ADP III invests in Ukheshe

ADP III invests in Marcryl

ADP I exits Touax Africa

ADP III invests in Solevo

Launch of first Impact report

ADP III invests in PAT