Grievance Mechanism

DPI’s grievance mechanism allows for an individual or group to raise concerns or complaints regarding DPI’s Funds and their portfolio companies or DPI.

DPI accepts submission of grievances through:

  1. submission of online form
  2. verbal conversation with an DPI representative at +44 (0)20 3926 7981
  3. via email submitted to the address:

The information to be included in the grievance submission:

  • Name and company/ entity of the person/ group submitting the grievance (optional)
  • Information for contacting the person/ group submitting the grievance (optional)
  • Date of the submission
  • If the person/ group submitting the grievance requires anonymity
  • Description of the grievance
  • If the grievance has been raised previously and how and when it was raised
  • Description of the desired solution.

Once you have submitted a grievance, it will be logged/ recorded in the grievance register and you will receive acknowledgment of receipt within 14 days, unless you refrain from providing contact details. The grievance will be assessed and investigated.

Upon completion of the grievance investigation process, DPI management shall conclude and present a decision in writing to the complainant. If the complainant is not happy with the proposal, they are free to seek resolution through a formal external dispute resolution mechanism.

The full grievance mechanism is available here or alternatively you can fill out the form below:

  • Aggrieved Party Details

  • (optional; if no details are provided, it will not be possible to provide acknowledgment or details of the resolution)
  • Anonymity*
  • Grievance Details

  • Has this grievance been raised previously?*
  • Date of grievance raised