Eaton Towers is a pan-African telecom tower management company which provides shared site and tower services for telecom network operators by building, acquiring, and maintaining passive telecommunications infrastructure assets. The company has approximately 5,000 towers across five countries, comprising the most geographically diversified tower portfolio in Africa.

Eaton Towers was founded in 2008 by a group of telecommunications experts. Since that time, Eaton Towers has grown to be one of the largest independent telecoms towers companies in Africa and will have the most diversified geographical tower portfolio in Africa. Eaton Towers aims to bring affordable communication to everybody in Africa. It does this by working in partnership with mobile network operators to expand coverage, improve quality and reduce costs. Eaton Towers acquires, builds and manages shared telecoms infrastructure, leasing it to mobile operators thus reducing capital expenditure and operating costs for the operators by means of shared infrastructure.

Eaton Towers’ customers include some of the major African mobile operators such as Airtel, MTN, Orange, Tigo, Vodacom and Vodafone. Tower sharing is a proven business model in the US, India, Indonesia and increasingly, in Africa. The major operators across Africa have all realised that tower sharing is now an essential strategy to reduce their operating costs and refocus on their customer service offerings. As Africa is the fastest growing telecoms market, telecoms tower sharing in Africa is rapidly increasing.