B.TECH is a leading retailer and distributor of consumer durables, including household appliances and consumer electronics in Egypt. The company offers its clients the option to purchase products through an instalment solution called Mini Cash.


Professional development and upskilling: DPI’s ESG team and Portfolio Management team worked with B.TECH to formalise its HR systems and launch the B.TECH Academy, a training and development programme for its employees, offering courses on product knowledge, language and soft skills, leadership coaching, core and values trainings. These were provided through a mixture of online trainings and classroom workshops.


Job creation: Since investment by DPI’s ADP II Fund in 2016, B.TECH has created 3,170 direct jobs, where 91% are permanent employees.

Professional development: In 2022, a total of 4,000 employees received training, amounting to 94,000 training hours. These have improved employee satisfaction and retention, with employee turnover rates being as low as 0.08% in 2022.

Employee wellbeing: B.TECH provides all its employees access to private healthcare and pension plan, as well as a profit sharing scheme. The company proactively engages with its employees on an annual basis through employment satisfaction surveys. This is conducted by a third-party HR specialist in order to enable them to implement learnings and develop their systems in line with employee feedback. B.TECH has been granted several HR awards, including the Best Employee Engagement Program.


SDG Targets and Indicators

  • SDG 5.5 – Ensure women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decisionmaking in political, economic and public life
    • 5.5.2 – Proportion of women in managerial positions



  • Best Advance in Learning Technology Implementation


  • Best Innovative Learning and Development Program
  • Top Employer awards 2019 Highest Talent Engagement


  • Best Use of Blended Learning
  • Best Advance in employee Engagement Program