20 Oct 2023

DPI Joins The Initiative Climate International (iCI), a Global Community of Private Equity Firms and Investors Committed to Managing The Risks Associated With Climate Change

DPI is proud to have joined the Initiative Climate International (iCI), a global, practitioner-led community of private equity firms and investors that seek to better understand and manage the risks associated with climate change.

DPI’s membership of the iCl is underpinned by our commitment to ensure climate considerations are fully incorporated into the way we invest in, manage, support and exit portfolio companies. This approach is guided by our support to the Paris Agreement and our conviction that all our investments can and should reduce their exposure to climate change risks as well as their impact.

In practice, we work with our portfolio companies on their internal operations and business models to implement actions that will contribute to our Climate Change Impact Objectives by:

  • Reducing portfolio companies’ greenhouse gas intensity and if possible, source renewable and low carbon energy solutions
  • Identifying and driving improved resource efficiency
  • Facilitating the energy transition
  • Increasing resilience and adaptation to climate change impacts

We want to share our knowledge, expertise and best practice, working together to develop resources that will help standardise practices across the industry, and that is why we are excited to be a committed member of the iCl.

About Initiative Climat International

The iCI was originally launched as the iC20 (Initiative Climat 2020) in 2015 by a group of French private equity firms to contribute to achieving the Paris Agreement’s objectives. It has since expanded internationally and now counts some 212 firms representing over US$3.4 trillion in AUM, as of 1st October 2022.

For more information on signing up, please click here.